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A simplified view of an artifical neural network.Choice is the atomic particle of action. Choosing is an act. Choice resides in our will. Will is an act of attention. Willpower is attention-power. We live in a field of energy. Energy changes into matter, and matter changes into energy. We are born from the death of stars. There is no such thing as effort. Effort is an invention of the mind. There is such a thing as the mind. The Universe is one big mind. The structure of the physical Universe (which we can perceive) looks like a neural network. Our minds look like the Universe. It takes thousands of years for photons from the Sun‘s core to reach its surface, and minutes for those photons to reach the Earth. The Sun gives without asking for anything in return. What if we gave without asking for return? Is it possible to have that much faith? Life is an act. Life is made up of action. What action are you taking right now? Thinking is an action. The director says action and the actors act. We are performers in the game of life. We play roles in order for society to exist. Society exists because. Because it exists, it demands cooperation from us. Society is a group mind. The group exists because. An individual is still part of the group, only they stand apart from the group. They orbit the group like the way Earth orbits Sun. Earth is creative. We are children of Earth, and creativity is our birthright. We should never forget who we are. To feel lonely is a trick of the mind. There are many mind tricks. Mind tricks are fun. Loneliness, guilt, shame, fear. These are all tricks of the mind. Thought and emotion are actions. We are never not acting. Flow is effortless.


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