Personal Development Tip: Pick a Daily and Weekly Theme

I hope you’re all having a purposeful Monday. I’m excited about accomplishing goals and getting things done this week!

To start the day and week off right, I like to pick a theme or motto that represents my purpose and intention. My weekly theme is simplicity. I talked about getting back to basics, and simplifying my life is part of that.


This article from ZenHabits about The Four Laws of Simplicity* is a great place to start. It can be used for all sorts of things. The Four Laws are:

  1. Collect everything in one place.
  2. Choose the essential.
  3. Eliminate the rest.
  4. Organize the remaining stuff neatly and nicely.

I’d already been doing this with Life Areas. I collected all the important areas of my life into eight essential categories; Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, Finances, Work, Relationships, and Social. Then I organized my commitments in each of the Life Areas.

When I simplify my commitments, I see that writing articles for GBM is an essential part of my week. Since I’m currently writing articles every day, it’s also an essential part of my day. I’d forgotten how liberating it is to eliminate clutter, whether it’s physical junk or non-purposeful commitments.


Having core values is another way of simplifying your life, but there’s an art to finding out your values. It takes time to become self-aware enough to figure out what makes you tick, and cultivate the wisdom that’s needed to be true to yourself. Values also change over time. Defining your values is as much a spiritual practice as it is an intellectual exercise.


Daily and weekly themes help purpose your day. Maybe you’re already purposeful, but it never hurts to re-purpose things sometimes.

I kept being inspired yesterday by the idea of organizing the articles at GBM by Life Areas. For example, this article would be filed under the Mind category, because it’s about personal development. Who knows, maybe it’ll also be filed under Personal Development. I’ve yet to find a satisfying way of organizing the articles, which probably means I need to stick with my weekly theme of keeping it simple.

Thanks for reading, and remember to make today a better day!


*I do have a caveat in that all this talk of simplifying can start to sound a bit fascist, and disagree with my messy, creative side. I’d apply these principles when dealing with things, but not necessarily people. Relationships aren’t quite as tidy as that. In practice, simplicity and balance is a process that continues to elude me, but I keep working at it.


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