Being Guided by Intuition

A Stormy Sky Gives the Camera a Clear View of the Clouds of Silt in the Waters Off Saddle Bunch Keys in the Lower Florida Keys

I usually have a lot of self-improvement thoughts in the morning, partly because of excitement by the possibilities of the day, and partly because of anxiety about the day.

I’ve learned that excitement and anxiety aren’t that far part apart for me. Some days there are already boulders in the road even as I wake up. I can feel the weight of them, the determination I’ll need to move them out of the way. It’s been like that all week. You could say I’ve had a tough week personally, and by extension, relationship-wise.

As I was summoning up the willpower to tackle today’s obstacles, I thought about some things I’ve learned, such as not using willpower, effortlessness, and intuition. “Be like water” as Bruce Lee said (and maybe some other sages with less aptitude for kicks to the head).

Water doesn’t struggle, is adaptable, and looks for opportunities. It’s patient when it needs to be, and ferocious when it needs to be. We’re made of mostly water, so I don’t think we’re that different.

I imagine my intuition to be like water; the part of me that is effortless, calm, expansive. Sometimes using willpower to accomplish things feels like I’m pushing against the tide. Maybe I don’t always need to push. Maybe I can be pulled to where I’m going.

This is similar to control versus controlling. It’s good to have control, not so good to be controlling. Control implies ease, while controlling is about force.

Nature’s effortlessness is a lesson to be learned. Look at how nature accomplishes things without the need for worry. The idea that I’m somehow separate from nature and its lessons is a sign that I’ve lost touch with my intuition. Intuition is also effortless.

Intuition isn’t the same as impulsiveness. It took me a while to notice the difference. Impulsiveness can be effortless, but it’s unconscious, whereas intuition is effortless and conscious.

My idea for the day is to see if you can approach things in an intuitive way. See if you can do your work with more enjoyment and less effort. Let go of making yourself do something. See what you naturally gravitate towards. Ask yourself, “What’s the best thing for me right now?”.

Be like water.

Thanks for reading, and remember to make today a better day!


image credits: ...Waters Off Saddle Bunch Keys...U.S. National Archives

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