Holding On and Letting Go

Life is about balance. Life is the push/pull and ebb/flow of the universe. The tension between everything and nothing is where we find ourselves.

Every day is an act of holding on and letting go. What are the things you need to hold onto? What are the things you need to let go of?

There’s an art to balancing. Balance is a skill that, once learned, becomes intuitive. There are always more things we need to learn how to balance. The universe is a balancing act.

What you don’t have is just as important as what you have. Hold onto what you have with a light grip. What you have is already slipping from your grasp. Enjoy the beauty of letting go.

Fear of uncertainty can be paralyzing, but uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain. We want to know how everything will turn out, but then what would be the reason for change? Certainty is stagnation, and stagnation is death. Life is an uncertain dance.

Even as I hold onto my dreams, I let go of them. Dreams need to change if they’re going to come to life. Our hopes, wishes, and desires aren’t etched in stone, but formed and re-formed with each passing moment.

Even as this moment occurs, a new moment is here, not in a linear, step by step progression, but as a continuous presence. Moments are spacious, beliefs are limited. What we believe is so far off from what is actually true.

I greet the day with uncertainty. I dive off the cliff into a sea of potential. The only thing I hold onto is the moment, which never shows up, never leaves, but is always there.

Thanks for reading, and remember to make today a better day!



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