Being a Man

What does it take to be a man? More importantly, what does it mean to be a man?

I’m a man in my 30’s, born in Thailand, grew up in America, not close to my family, deeply in love with my soul mate, and creative. But something tells me I’m more than that.

If you take away the trappings of a man, his accomplishments, possessions, beliefs, and leave him naked, what do you have; skin, bones, what’s dangling between his legs?

What can a man imagine with his mind?

What can a man build with his hands?

What can a man stand for on his own two feet?

What can a man create with the energy in his loins?

What can a man live for with the love in his heart?

Where does truth reside in a man?

Where can you find his courage?

When everything is taken away from him,

when the veil of illusion has been lifted from his eyes,

when his mind is clear,

when his heart is pure,

when he faces the storm,

when he falls,

when he picks himself up,

when he makes the world a better place,

when he loves,

there you will find a man,

and this man will have no guilt, shame, or fear,

but instead roar with courage,

and be guided by wisdom.

May the light shine on this man, and let him live in truth.

* * * * *

Thanks for reading. Remember to make today a better day!



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