A Lesson in Imperfection

The ego has many uses, but ultimately it teaches us a lesson in imperfection. Paradoxically, the idea of perfection is in itself imperfect, and blocks us from true perfection. Truth is a process; it is a way of life.

Imperfection, or what we call a mistake, is the point. In setting our sights on the goal, we sometimes forget that the journey is the purpose. Let’s not confuse the goal for the purpose. Goals come and go. Purpose is eternal. Each moment is full of purpose.

What we see as our particular curse, or cross to bear, is a spiritual lesson. Another paradox is that once we face our mountain, it ceases to be an obstacle, and instead becomes an adventure.

Greet imperfection as a friend. Look at mistakes as the greatest lessons you’ll ever learn. Enjoy your victories as much as you can, but know that your character is built upon what you do with your mistakes.

Set your sights on the goal, then focus on the steps. Life’s juiciness is in the steps you take to get to where you’re going. Wisdom comes from tasting the moment. Aliveness is in the here and now, not the past or future.

Living is for your body, remembering is for your emotions, planning is for your mind, and enjoying is for your spirit.

Writing is my lesson in imperfection. I write imperfect words to describe imperfect thoughts. I write imperfectly perfect.

The spirit provides what the ego desires. The search for fulfillment “out there somewhere” leads us back to ourselves. We guide the vessel, our “selves”, on a journey of truth.

Purpose is built into our lives.

There’s truth in every moment.

Imperfect steps teach us how to walk.

Perfection is woven into each lesson in imperfection.

* * * * *

Thanks for reading. Let’s make today a better day.



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