Being Your Own Best Friend, Not Your Own Worst Enemy

A journey of self-improvement will have its fair share of successes and failures, things that go the way you want, and things that don’t quite work out the way you expected. When you’re down and out, climbing up towards success can be a powerful source of motivation, but when you’ve made it to a certain height, the fear of falling can stop you in your tracks. This desire to go forward, while at the same time wanting to go back, is something that will occur as you evolve.

Never underestimate your ability to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. In your quest to succeed, when success lands in the palm of your hand, you may find that it burns, and your first instinct is to throw it away. To be a success, you must prepare yourself to succeed. Don’t worry so much about getting what you want.

The question is: Are you ready to have what you want?

Do you help or hurt yourself? Your relationship with yourself is the same relationship you have with others. There’s no way you can mistreat yourself and not mistreat others. The point of self-improvement is to be able to contribute something valuable to the world, namely yourself, your creativity, and your inner resources. Take care of yourself like you would a finely tuned and masterfully crafted instrument, because that’s what you are.

You’re here to express your music.

Be honest and truthful with yourself, and in time, the light of your truth will shine strong and purposeful.

You will have no fear.

Your ego will be light.

Your voice will be strong.

Your mind will be clear.

You will be calm in the storm.

* * * * *

It’s not that success is rare, it’s that successful people are rare.



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