It’s been a few days since I’ve written a GBM article, and it’s not from a lack of ideas or inspiration. It’s quite the opposite; I’m working on organizing the GBM project. Great things are in the works.

Speaking of work, I’ve been pondering the nature of work, specifically, the nature of my work, and what I choose to work on. We live in a time of unprecedented freedom. We have more opportunities than ever to choose what we do. Not everyone has had the freedom to choose their path through life, but for those of us who have that privilege, it’s a great responsibility.

Something I’ve been incubating is the calling I have to be a writer. Out of all the things I could write about when I work on GBM, I ask myself what’s the best way for me to contribute. Topics I could write about come bubbling up to the surface. I capture the ideas, put them on a list, let them germinate and take root.

Today, the best thing I can write for GBM is the Big Idea of not only having a purpose, but believing in it, embodying it, living it.

We have a purpose in life whether we realize or not. Recognizing our purpose is a matter of choice, of acknowledging that we are here to do something great, and accepting the responsibility of being great. We’re inspired and moved by greatness. Greatness, in turn, inspires and moves us.

How willing are you to be moved by greatness?

It’s not that the universe has a lack of great things. The universe has an infinite amount of great things. Our lives are the faintest whispers on God’s lips. But look at what can be accomplished when the human spirit is aligned with purpose.

Maybe greatness isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain kind of person to believe in greatness. It takes a certain amount of ego, and subsequent humbling of ego, in order to climb the mountain of greatness.

Thanks for reading. Let’s make today a better day.



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