Beyond Feeling Sorry

There will come a day when you’re able to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and on that day forgiveness transforms from possibility to reality. Forgiveness will open the door to new beginnings. You can move from the past into the future. You will become an inspiration to other people. You will show that life lessons helped you grow into a better person.

Feeling sorry for yourself is asking life “why did that have to happen”, and not only are you wondering why something had to happen, you remain stuck in it. It’s what we do with what we’re given that matters. It’s not who we start off as, but rather, who we become. Who we are is not the same as who we were. We’re an in-progress puzzle, an out of focus picture, and each day we get a chance to make ourselves that much clearer.

At the end of the feeling-sorry-for-yourself road are blue skies and open fields.

You’ve let go of the baggage from the past.

You’re going forward with the wisdom and experience you possess now.

Go for it.

Thanks for reading. Let’s make today a better day.



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