Being True

Spiritual strength isn’t built up in the same way as physical strength. Sometimes people seek to improve themselves because of external problems. Problems have a way of showing up again even after they’ve been supposedly solved. Problems can go through permutations, showing up slightly different each time. You could spend your whole life looking for problems to solve. It’s not that solving problems is a “problem”. The gist of business and commerce has to do with the solving of problems. But:

Are you solving the right problems?

Are you solving real problems?

Do you know what’s real from what’s not real?

Knowing yourself is about finally doing real things. When the veil of illusion has been lifted, the urge might be to do very little, because now you realize most of what you’ve been doing has been pretense.

There’s a natural state, a pure state, spontaneous and whole. The great lie is that you’re not connected to this naturalness. Another lie is that you need to go through gatekeepers in order to know who you truly are, or that there are special practices you must do. Maybe “lie” is a bit harsh. It’s more like a misunderstanding, confusion, willfulness, ignorance, and yes, sometimes even lies.

The quickest way to get around lies is to drop beliefs. It may be best to drop all beliefs, and instead go for something more powerful than belief, which is knowing. It may be better to know, through life and experience, rather than carry around a big bag of beliefs. When you think about the times you’ve had to make big decisions in life, you’ll see that you decided based on knowing, not belief. Beliefs are handed out a dime a dozen. Let beliefs mingle with your own knowing, but ultimately only you will know what’s true for you. Going back to my opening statement; spiritual strength is built upon truth.

So be true.



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