Mind Traps

From the moment we were born, perhaps even before, we’ve been programmed and conditioned.

We are told what to think, what to feel, what to do, what to like, what to buy, what to eat, where to live, what is safe, what to fear, who we are, how to be, where we come from, what happens when we die, what life is.

Is it any wonder we don’t know who we truly are?

The world is in the grips of mental warfare; complete mind-domination. We live in our heads and miss the point. There’s a middle manager making decisions on our behalf. We’ve mechanized our lives, losing touch with what’s natural and true. People go on vacations and retreats hoping to connect with beauty and peace, but return to a disconnected existence, waiting for another moment of respite.

Society is pregnant with meaninglessness, and something has to give. Either we stay stuck in our mind traps and rot, or break open and let the light of consciousness bloom.

The truth is always true.

How easily fear obscures truth, but it can only hide, not extinguish truth.

War is in the mind. We identify with a position, defend beliefs, make demands, face the opposition, conquer, control, power. War is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It takes courage to wage war, and it takes courage to choose peace, but there’s a truth beyond war, beyond peace, beyond good, beyond evil.

Quick fixes are mind tricks. The overblown mind disguises delusion as simplicity. “Beauty in madness” is the mind’s siren call.

Through the fog of mental war, we see the light of truth. Truth seekers must stay true to the path. When the fog dissipates, and illusions burn away, we see that the light we were seeking was, in actuality, a mirror reflecting our own truth.

~ ST


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