This State of Grace

I don’t want to leave this state of grace behind, although I know it can’t be left behind.

Grace is present in the calm and still place beyond the mind.

Deep within, in this state of grace and dignity, the true self is found.

A journey of a thousand miles may take you to the top of the mountain, but when you get there are you prepared to jump off?

When you look for yourself, you find God, and when you look for God, you find yourself.

Meaning is what we make of it.

Things don’t have to matter in order to have meaning.

Life is a wave, and our lives are waves on the ocean of life.

In this state of grace, I feel joy, boundaries dissolve, appreciation grows, the spirit shines, there is spaciousness, there is life, fear is dispelled, creativity blooms, it is peaceful.

~ ST


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