Truth in Relationships

As you walk the path of truth, you may find that relationships can be, paradoxically, both a source of clarity and confusion. Relationships have a way of showing us the best and worst in ourselves. Our fears and insecurities are revealed in relationships. Relationships can also be a blessing, a shelter, and a spiritual practice.

The desire to have relationships can seem like you need someone else in order to feel complete. Other people may seem like a good way to distract yourself from boredom and loneliness. Having someone in your life may give you a sense of purpose. On the one hand, relationships can provide deep meaning and purpose, but on the other hand, relationships can (seemingly) be a trap and hindrance to truth.

I’m tempted to say that I favor an inside-out approach to life, but actually, I favor truth. Inside-out, outside-in, it’s all the same.

Truth is truth.

If truth is all, all is truth, and if God is all, then God is truth.

So in relationships, my approach is to be true to myself, which I know about from that quiet place within and also without, beyond words, reactions, expectations, and fears.

Love, in its multifaceted way, grows out of truth. We can experience love in its deepest and timeless depths to its most fleeting and ephemeral moments.

Truth in relationships isn’t so different than truth in yourself. When you burn with the fire of your true self, the truth will light the way for others.

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3 thoughts on “Truth in Relationships”

  1. It’s interesting, because relationships can help us cultivate our deepest truth, our most authentic selves, or they can become playgrounds for the ego to build its muscle, to construct a false identity in order to attract respect, acceptance and love. Relationships between two false identities, or one authentic identity and one false identity, are going to face difficulty. But rare and wonderful is the bond of love between two authentic individuals.


    1. Hi Jimmy, thanks for your comment. I like how you said relationships can be a playground for the ego. It seems like that can be part of the fun and (melo)drama of it all.


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