Out of Moves

To speak from the deep and true place can feel strange, even threatening. Maybe life creates friction and tension in order for change to take place. My beliefs, some of which are hard earned and dearly held, others unasked for and pernicious, are loosening their hold, becoming untethered, dissolving.

True freedom isn’t something your friends, family, and society will encourage, but everyone understands it, and there are some that will support it. Trust and faith in truth means surrendering to that which is great and true.

Surrendering the ego isn’t an accomplishment, otherwise it wouldn’t be surrendering the ego. Dissolution has no fanfare, it’s not an event, and the reason I write about it is because I enjoy writing, and this kind of message might be helpful to someone.

I’m not sure what my next steps are. I’m out of moves. “Not knowing” is my new spiritual practice. I’ve painted myself into a corner, and now it’s time to sit down and see what there is to see.

~ ST


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