Waking Up

I approach the blank page, or rather the blank screen, within a swirling vortex of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. My essential and true self has no boundaries. My field of awareness can’t be seen our touched. In fact, within the awareness field there’s no “me” or “you”. Since I have no true boundaries, I know that whatever I experience is a function of this particular play of existence. Realization of truth dispels all illusions.

Life is a paradox. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. We’re mesmerized by the sights and sounds. If we’re honest, we can see that we’re infatuated by the cycle of pain and pleasure. In every aspect of the manifested world we see examples of birth and rebirth, life and death, cause and effect. The apparent solidity of matter compels us to keep dreaming.

Truth is the simplest thing in the universe. Truth is simpler than even the concept of truth. Truth is the place that is no place.

Once illusions fall away, you will feel great joy, blissfulness, and peace. Wholeness and completeness is natural. Things which seemed so daunting, great obstacles to happiness, become benign and beautiful in their own way. Life ceases to be effortful. You can put in the effort without making things effortful.

Each moment is an opportunity to experience the spectrum of richness, fullness, pleasures, pains, meaningfulness, absurdities, emotions, thoughts, sensations, hopes, fears, all coming and going. We’re lulled into a deep sleep by phenomenon. Sometimes a nightmare is needed to wake us up.

I had no real intention when I began writing. I had the urge to write about truth. I can feel the energy of intentions and desires swirling around me, but I remain at the calm center. I put in the effort to write, but it isn’t effortful.

~ ST


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