The mind, by its very nature, is a fearful thing. Within its labyrinthine structures, winding corridors, endless doorways, and Escherian steps are hypnotic byways that lead to confusion and suffering.

There is a way out, but it’s not through the mind, or in spite of the mind, but rather, in, out, through, around, because of, and beyond the mind.

First you get a nudge.
Then you begin to awaken.
You slip back into the trance.
You fall back to sleep.
The moments of truth are more frequent.
You are waking up from the dream.
You are undergoing a transformation.
You are giving birth to yourself.

The caterpillar doesn’t need to tell anyone of its metamorphosis, yet there are telltale signs, and when the time is right the butterfly emerges. Was the caterpillar a butterfly, or the butterfly a caterpillar?

The best thing is to speak from the heart, but otherwise stay very quiet and still.

~ ST


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