More Than This

I’ve been talking a lot about disillusionment these days. One reason is that it’s happening, another reason is that it’s transformative, and I happen to like saying “disillusionment”.

Disillusionment has its ups and downs. There can be a sense of loss as old ways of thinking give way to new. Reality can bite, or maybe it can bite it. But disillusionment can also bring about much needed change. Sometimes we need a shake-up, and if we happen to drag our feet, life does the shaking for us.

The meaning of things is in the way the dust settles. Our minds make up meanings for random patterns, and life happens to be a bunch of patterns.

My mind told me to say that

I find myself in an interesting position; make money or die trying. It’s really not that dramatic, except it kind of is.

There seems to be this false dichotomy between living inside out vs. outside in. I’ve never been able to find the boundary between my inside and outside, aside from pain and pleasure. Maybe it’s telling that I put pain before pleasure.

I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish with these rambling posts. These days I’m not hoping to accomplish as much as I used to, and somehow I’m able to accomplish more meaningful things. I think it’s called getting out of my own way.

Vague notions of being a writer, artist, and human.

Grandiose visions of a would-be leader.

Ramen noodle for the soul.

I’m glad I haven’t gotten everything I’ve ever wanted (I shudder at the thought).

An easy way to sell something is to promise everything. Another easy way to sell is to undersell. Quality doesn’t count for much these days, nor mastery. That’s the road I want to take, which means I need to look for my daily bread.

We work so hard to try and weave the pieces of our lives into some kind of coherent picture, yet life is made up of just this moment.



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