(Not) Finding Your Passion

If there’s such a thing as a self-improvement veteran, I suppose I might qualify. They say it takes 10 years, or 10,000 hours, or is it a million monkeys to become a genius at something. Maybe I’m a self-improvement genius (of the mad variety).

I continue to undergo a surprisingly liberating personal dissolution, and one of the things being thrown into the flames is the idea of “finding your passion”, a tantalizing self-improvement trope that continues to be milked. As pleasant as it might be, I think it’s starting to chafe.

How about instead of trying to find our passion, or thinking of passion as something out there to be found, we look at passion as something we naturally have within us?

Maybe passion is more of an attitude than an activity. My theory is that we can bring our inborn passion to whatever it is we’re doing. In this way, passion can be similar to love, in that we don’t have to wait for someone to love us in order for us to love them.

I’m going to experiment with approaching life with a passionate attitude.

There’s a time to give seeking a rest, at least the superficial kind of seeking that masks a deeper yearning for truth. I think people are looking for something that has quality, is authentic, true, and timeless. I am. Does such a thing even exist? Maybe we can discover that which is true, by letting go of that which is false. Scary, I know.



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