Learning about Life

Life is the great teacher. We can be assured that no matter what happens, there’s always something for us to learn. We may not want to learn, or like what we’re learning, but the beautiful thing is that life teaches us what we need to learn anyway.

Life is completely truthful. People, on the other hand, may not be so truthful, but this is also part of the truth, and also a life lesson. Lessons abound every day.

There’s nothing wrong with beliefs, but are the beliefs true?

There’s nothing wrong with judgments, but are the judgments true?

In any given moment, the question is always: Is this true?

If we’re not sure if something is true, then we must admit that. The admittance of ignorance allows for wisdom. Not everyone is up to the task of living in truth. It seems like hard work to have a discerning mind, but I think it creates more difficulties to live falsely. It may not be profitable in the short-term, but is it worth gaining a kingdom if you lose your soul?



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