I find myself in the strange but not unpleasant situation of getting what I want, yet not feeling like I need it or grasping for it.

The best way for me to describe my life right now is that I have a sense of sufficiency and completeness. I’m not saying I don’t want things, but I now know that I am complete just as I am.

Life, of which I’m a part of, is complete just as it is. Everything is complete, always has been, always will be. The sense of being separate from other things, the sense that there are other things, is a misunderstanding, a mind trick.

Beyond practical reasons, there’s nothing I can get, have, or achieve that will make me more than I am, because I’ve never been or can be less than what I am.

It actually doesn’t make sense for me to think of anything as less than or more of. I suppose we can have more or less of something, for what it’s worth, but that seems to be a point of view, a part of the truth, but not the whole truth.

I’m able to observe other people, but at the same I’m also able to observe myself. When people respond to me, it’s like I’m responding to myself. When I have thoughts and feelings about someone else, it’s actually about me, not them.

We’re all going around thinking of ourselves, even when we think we’re thinking about others. In essence, there are no “others”.

I thought I was self-centered, but in truth I was centered on the wrong self.

We’re all in this picture together. Something is observing all of us as we laugh, cry, live, and die.

We’re the ones observing ourselves.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to my mind, but my actual experience is that I’m not the creation of my mind, but that my mind is the creation of me.



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