Doing Your Best

Every day you get a chance to earn your keep, because nothing in life is free, except truth.

Pride comes from knowing you did your best. Maybe your best isn’t “as good” as someone else’s, but that’s not your concern. Your only concern is to do your best every day.

Do your best when you wake up, as you go about your day, every hour, minute, moment, and breath. Do your best when you take a break, and when you retire for the night. Do your best on your deathbed.

Life asks, no, demands that you do your best. Maybe you don’t know what doing your best is, in which case you do your best anyway. Life will teach you what your best is. Your job isn’t to concern yourself with thoughts of whether you’re doing your best or not.

In your heart, you know whether you’re doing your best or not. Be honest with yourself, because self-deception won’t lead you to your best.

Don’t worry if doing your best will lead you to what you deserve. Life isn’t fair, at least not to humans, and besides, humans aren’t especially fair to each other anyhow. We have many advantages, yet squander the chance to do our best every day.

Don’t worry so much about whether life is being fair to you or not. Maybe it’s your job to make things fairer. Maybe you need to make things more just, right, and true.

I don’t know what your best will be. No one knows what anyone else’s purpose in life is. But I believe we’re here to do our best in the best way we know how. This is the world we get to live in and create every day. This is how we earn our keep.



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4 thoughts on “Doing Your Best”

  1. That’s one of the most important things, being honest to yourself. If you’re able to lie to yourself, you’ll find it very easy (or even normal) to lie to others, and sometimes not even notice that you’re lying. Nice post.


    1. I certainly want to move the concept of doing your best from the realm of sentiment to actual practice. Maybe we can be the source of the change that’s needed. Thanks for your comment!


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