Humbly Offered

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we learn the meaning and value of humility, and whether we choose to learn this lesson with humility, or kicking and screaming all the way is our choice.

Sometimes a lesson in humility is learned by sitting down and typing however many words you can muster.

Humility is learned when we need to rely on others for help, but more importantly, to value that help without self-recrimination.

We learn that reaching for our dreams is admirable, but without humility, ambition is ugly, empty, and destructive.

It’s not that I couldn’t write more than 150-300 words about what I’ve been through these past few months, and what I’ve learned about life, people, and myself. I don’t think verbosity makes up for not knowing. I mainly write because I have to, not necessarily for enjoyment, although this, too, is changing, thankfully.

That said, meeting quotas can be fun. As I approach (and go beyond) the 150 word mark, the little me smiles inside.



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