In Appreciation

I got to thinking that I better start appreciating things more, which I know can be difficult if you’ve been through some pain, but you know, appreciation comes from that warm, loving place inside us, and during a dark night of the soul there’s no way I’m letting that fire go out. And there’s the admonition to be careful what you wish for, like if you wish to be a romantic starving artist, well, that can easily occur. Question is, what’s the relative worth of romance, starvation, and art? In some ways I’ve chosen to be where I’m at in life, and in some ways I haven’t. The reason I’m an American is because of the Vietnam War. How is it the older I get the more I don’t know? But yeah, I don’t think we can ever appreciate anything enough. Seems like the essence of spirituality is in appreciating things, not just using and consuming stuff, but taking the time to really see the true worth of everything in our lives.



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