The Great River

Imagine that we’ve all been swept away, riding upon and immersed in the current of a great river. This great river is so large and all-encompassing, and we’re so infinitesimally small, that to us it may seem like we’re not moving at all.

Of course, we are moving, things are changing, and something within us knows this. In fact, who we are, our form, our fate, is inexorably linked to the great river. From our perspective, we can choose to go left, right, up, down, all-the-while being swept along by powerful, unseen forces.

It’s true that we can choose to go where we want. It’s also true that the great river chooses where we’ll end up. Learning to navigate these paradoxical waters is part of the fun/folly.

More’n’more I experience life in this roundabout way. I exercise my illusory free-willynilly, but wherever I may swim or sail, I remember to enjoy the ride on the great river of life.



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