Love, Love, Love

It’s OK to have arguments in a relationship, and it’s OK to make up after you argue. It’s easy to give out relationship advice, but in matters of the heart, the heart rules.

Love is the crucible that burns and purifies. When we open ourselves to love, the things that are temporary, insignificant, and false fall away. We’re left exposed and naked in love.

It’s not that there’s too little love in the world, but too much. Love can be accessed in an instant, no money required, multi-faceted, infinite.

Where there’s hate, there’s love. Deep down, there’s no hate, only love. Hate is misguided love, ashamed, afraid, a shadow-love that’s not able to shine.

Don’t be afraid to love.

Love yourself, love others, love life.

Love until nothing else exists.



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5 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love”

  1. I’m not so sure love is that easy to access for everyone. Unless you include dysfunctional forms of love, of which there are many. In that case I guess love is always present. But I grew up with a mother who “loved” me in hurtful ways. I see people abusing others saying it’s love. That doesn’t feel like love to me. Also, I would not include sex so that cuts out a lot! I know you never mentioned it but I just thought about how a lot of people will substitute sex in place of love thinking they’re the same thing. As you can see I have been mulling this over a bit! lol 😉 Hopefully I have not offended you with my opinion.


    1. I agree that love isn’t always the easiest thing to access. It’s still something I’m practicing, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but I do think the energy of love is always there, at least in potential. And yes, that same love energy can be used for selfish reasons, in which case it becomes a shadow form of love, fearful and hateful. But I think even that kind of unhealthy love can lead to a healthier form of love, as an example of how not to love. I think something beautiful can grow out of a bad situation, but it does take work to heal the wounds of unhealthy and misplaced love. It takes work to learn how to truly love yourself and others.

      Thanks for your comment!


      1. Thanks for your reply. I agree with you it’s just that not everyone does their healing work. So the perversity continues unchecked. My mother was abused by her parents and never got treatment. So I ended up having to be the one to go through a decade of therapy. Fortunately I do love myself now but it took a long time and lots of pain.


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