Building Walls (And Tearing Them Down)

Labyrinth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, for practical reasons, we need to build walls, but it’s probably a good idea to give it some thought as to whether it’s necessary to build walls or not, because even though walls keep things out, they can also keep things stuck inside. Walls have a way of blocking our view of things, and by having them we imply there are things out there we need to keep away. Walls can create a false sense of security.

When our personal boundaries are crossed, our reaction might be to build a wall to keep people out. At first this might seem to help, but if this becomes our usual way of dealing with conflicts, eventually we’ll surround ourselves with enough walls to create a labyrinth, and it’s a lonely place at the center of a labyrinth.

In one way or another we’ll learn that walls aren’t the solution to life’s problems. Either life will find a way to tear down our walls, or we’ll realize it’s not the funnest place to be, living behind walls.

Maybe a better solution would be to build walls if we have to, but at least make them inviting, with big windows to let in the light, and a nice door that we use often to let people in.



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