Leaving It All Behind

Nine years ago, I consciously began a journey of self-improvement, because I realized I had personal challenges to overcome in order to be the best person I could be. Actually, I don’t think I was necessarily trying to be the best I could be at the time; it was more a case of trying not to self-destruct.

I had high hopes for the future, as I’m wont to do. Many of the changes I wanted to make have happened, or is happening. I have a deep sense of awe, appreciation, and gratitude for life’s journey.

What I didn’t take into account, and maybe secretly feared, was the sadness of letting go of an old way of life. The past holds the memory of who we used to be. Leaving it all behind can feel like something is dying.

As a new year approaches, I’m letting go of who I thought I was, what I thought I knew, but I do this to the past not as an enemy, or as something to be gotten rid of, but as a friend, in appreciation for all the things it has taught me.

I’m not sure of who I’ll be in the future, but to my old self, my old life, thank you and good-bye.

~ GB,M


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