Simple Things

The guidance and truth we seek is out there, and paradoxically, the road we take leads back to ourselves, and we see that we were the beginning and end of the journey all along.

There may be a reason to fight for something, but there’s no reason to fight with life.

The lesser can’t win against the greater, but knowing which is which is the trick, and ultimately, we see that there’s no such thing.

Simple truths carry great power, which is difficult for the mind to grasp. It’s the paradoxical nature of the mind to seek the truth which is already there.

It’s the mind that needs courage, determination, and focus. Everything else about us possesses the qualities of natural strength and clarity, but it’s the mind which is often troubled and unclear. The (small) mind is the hurdle to be overcome, but as it is also the hurdle, it can’t overcome itself. Truth is when we see that our small mind is part of a greater mind.

We believe we are watching ourselves from within, but we are just watching ourselves.

~ GB,M


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