Daring to Care

A Bear-Hunt Gone Wrong
A Bear-Hunt Gone Wrong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My big lesson in life is how scary it is for me to care about something.

It’s scary for me to care about myself, other people, my work.

It’s scary to care because caring means something has value, which makes me responsible for it.

If I truly cared about something I’d take care of it. Its well-being would mean something to me. It would be a priority. What I care about has intrinsic value.

Caring comes from deep inside, and to express it opens you up to potential criticism. But the alternative, to remain detached and aloof, can leave you isolated, unless, of course, that’s what you care about.

I care about getting better, man.
I care about writing.
I care about art.
I care about love.

So if it’s scary to care
then be like a bear
and dare to care.

~ GB,M


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