A Meaning of Life

GBM is about self-improvement, specifically and naturally my self-improvement, but I’ve come to realize that part of self-improvement is others-improvement.

With that said, today I’d like to talk about reclaiming personal power when it comes to words and concepts. When a group of people define the meaning of a word and we accept it, we give the group power, so it’s important to know what kind of definitions we’re accepting.

For example, the concepts of God and spirituality, amongst other things, have been appropriated by various groups. If you’re a self-motivated, self-improving type of person, you may have out-rightly rejected any group claiming ownership of spirituality, or better yet, gave it some thought and formulated your own philosophy.

The definitions we accept about what something is, what’s right and wrong, what’s good or bad, what’s possible or not, defines what we’re capable of doing.

We can make an agreement with life to tell us the truth, and from that we can construct the meaning of life for ourselves.



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