The Adventure of a Lifetime

To admit to yourself that you have within you weakness of character is a bitter pill to swallow, but this kind of brutal honesty will help you change for the better.

Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen your character, as that seems to be, all in all, the purpose of life, and the great thing is that to go on a journey of self-improvement, you simply start where you’re at.

Whatever weakness of character you may possess can be overcome in some way, either by your own efforts, or with the help of others. The important thing is to cultivate a spirit of improving and getting better in whatever you do.

You’ll learn many lessons along the way, as that seems to be another one of life’s purposes. One of the most frustrating yet liberating lessons you’ll learn is that there really are no shortcuts in life.

Humility and gratitude will be constant companions on your journey.

Empty your mind of preconceived notions.

Open your eyes to what life is showing you.

You’re on an adventure of a lifetime.



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