Ending January 2013

Lanterns (Photo credit: buck82)

As January of 2013 comes to an end, I want to send out positive energy to the readers of GBM. May your self-improvement journey bring you closer to truth.

It’s been my experience that life is all about changes, yet we sometimes fear change, and need the illusion of stability in order to reflect and go forward.

It’s also been my experience that I’ve been guided through life by forces larger and more universal than I am, yet I, like everything else, am part of this big picture, which I see makes everything One.

When I lose the connection to the sense of one-ness and wholeness of everything, I find myself feeling afraid and alone.

Sometimes the best way out of fear is to go through the fear. So each day I go through the valley of fear, but this journey is not without grace.

Let’s carry faith, hope, love, and peace in our hearts as we go forward.



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