Forgetting to Remember

I sometimes forget, at the heart of it, GBM is an account of my personal self-improvement journey. For several years I kept my own counsel in the pages of my journals. Then I felt it was time to share my thoughts with the world.

The thing about the self-improvement journey is that it asks you to walk the walk, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been learning my life lessons, and walking the walk, at times tripping up more often than I’d like.

There’s still an anxious energy that sometimes overtakes me, but I’m getting better at dealing with it. These articles by Alice Boyes, Ph.D, like this one, have been helpful. I like how she says:

Feelings are nothing to be scared of because you can persist with your goals and values no matter what feelings you’re having.

I’m typing this while sitting on my yoga mat. I don’t have much patience for long yoga routines, but these quick ones by Amy Weintraub have been helpful in dealing with my moods.

For me, it’s mostly about being mindful and compassionate towards myself and others.

That’s what I need to remember not to forget.



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