The Early Gray

The Earl GreyIt’s tough for me to write for GBM sometimes, because one, writing, in general, can be difficult, two, I’m living and learning the things I write about, namely ‘getting better’, and three, I want to communicate things that make an impact.

Maybe it’s fitting that one of the more popular GBM articles is about waking up early, because here I am, up early once again, almost to the hour. Maybe it’s during these early gray hours, quickened by the influence of Lord Grey’s favorite beverage, that truth is heard more clearly, unencumbered by the day’s worries.

When I write, it’s a promise to myself, and a promise is a valuable thing, powerful yet fragile. And, of course, there’s that rush of excitement as the emptiness is filled with words, like a shout into the deafening quiet.

Words have a life of their own.


image credit: The Earl Grey via Wikimedia Commons

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