Personal Sovereignty

Peregrine Hawk

I write this because there was a time in my life when I did not feel as if I was worth very much. For most people this would be a debilitating state of mind, and for me, it was. At the lowest depths of my despair, I realized that if I had no worth at all, the logical and truthful thing would be for me to end it all, but even in that moment there was some small part of me that wanted to go on, and I saw that this tiny light within me was my self-worth.

So I kept that light safe, and it led me out of the darkness.

You do not owe anyone for the love that you give and receive.

You do not owe anyone for the happiness that you feel.

You do not owe anyone for the life that you live.

Anything done out of love does not have to be paid back. Something that has to be paid back is a purchase, a business transaction, not love.

You do not owe anyone for the joy in your heart.

You do not owe anyone for the things you’re passionate about.

You do not owe anyone for the dreams that you have.

You have personal sovereignty. No one can make you less than who you are. You can look at life in any way you choose.

You are not property.

You cannot be owned by others.

Only you can own yourself.

Self-ownership is a privilege, but one that is given to all.

There may be guilt and shame over what you do, the mistakes you’ve made, but there can be no guilt or shame for who you are.

Your parents did not create you, because they did not create themselves.

Find a thing that has not come from another thing, then we can say that this thing is the original.

Until then, we must see that everything has inherent worth, because everything was born from something else, and that it is only in the particulars of the moment that we can weigh the usefulness of a thing, but never its true worth.

It’s taken years for me to understand the difference between appreciating and respecting something versus feeling guilty and obligated.


image credit:
Peregrine Hawk by Tomas Castelazo via Wikimedia Commons

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