Expressing Your True Self


I’ve spent so much of my life, my time, my energy, trying to be someone and something I’m not.

Maybe all of us, to some degree, and for the sake of just getting along, have to play certain roles in life. There’s nothing wrong with expressing ourselves in prescribed ways, but to actively suppress and repress that which is natural to express, well, that’s a problem.

The ways in which I’ve worked on overcoming this problem would fill volumes, and it has, and it’s taken years, which is the purpose of Getting Better, Man.

There are things that can happen to us, injuries to our sense of self, that creates a psychic wound. This wound heals in whatever way is available; sometimes without much trouble, other times leaving scars.

The scar tissue never quite works the way it used to. Feelings become numb, or the opposite, they become too sensitive. So something about our(self) gets hidden away, because it’s too painful to leave out in the open. But in hiding away a piece of who we are, we limit our own potential for love, creativity, and contribution.

When we don’t express who we truly are, it’s not only we that suffer, but also others who need what we have to offer.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be creating and writing more original content for GBM, such as the header image used for this article, as part of my effort to express my true self, and give what I have to offer. I’m inspired to create and use artwork of my own. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to call it quits, but I keep coming back to GBM, and a significant amount of that has to do with the follows, likes, comments, and feedback I’ve received. Thank you, I’m very grateful for it.


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