Managing Stress

Water Drop

I think stress is a big deal, and stress-relief is something that needs to be a priority in anyone’s life. By the time we feel the symptoms of stress, it’s already a sign that we need to manage it.

Stress comes in many forms. If you’ve read the articles about life areas, you’ll see that each area of life can be a source of stress. The most important thing to remember about stress, and life in general, is to remain and be calm. Being calm means being balanced and centered.

Sometimes the best way to regain balance is to stop trying to over-compensate. We have a natural state of balance built into us, but we’re often living in a state of over-reaction.

Activities that promote mindfulness and awareness are vital to keep stress away. Obviously, it’s not good to stress out about stress. ‘Mindful awareness’ is a good mantra to have, and for me, it means being able to sense what’s happening inside and outside my body, while at the same time remaining calm.

I’ve linked to Stress Management before, but it’s worth pointing out again, because it’s a great resource.

Take responsibility for your health and start managing stress today.


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Water Drop via Wikimedia Commons

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