Solving Problems with Grace

Perplexing Problem by VanderpoelIt’s been my experience that the things we think of as problems are, if looked at from a certain perspective, the reason we’re here, our oeuvre, so to speak. Our problems can, with a mental flip, become our greatest purpose.

It seems to me that problems are relative. One person’s big problem is another person’s trifling. If we sincerely have a problem, we need to respect that, whether the problem is with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, career, love, or societal issues.

Perhaps the moment we were conceived was the moment our problems began, which isn’t a problem if you like solving problems.

Sometimes it can feel like there are too many problems, or that a particular problem is too overwhelming, but the beauty of the mind is that, given enough patience and determination, it has the ability to create solutions in the face of any problem.

So let’s go solve some problems.


I’m not sure who the lady in the painting is, but I’ll call her Grace.

image credit:
Perplexing Problem by Vanderpoel via Wikimedia

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