Faithfully Leaping


I know that for me, and maybe for you, words like God, faith, religion, and spirituality conjure up various feelings, ranging from passion to incredulity. As an artist, I’ve never questioned the unseen, the inspirational, that elusive quality of creativity — The Muse. Whether this power is called God or FSM isn’t that big of a deal to me.

The word ‘faith’ may have been absconded by religious groups, but that doesn’t mean we can’t place it in its proper place — our self-hood. Faith may very well be the most powerful thing we possess. When we allow a group, religious or otherwise, to define and dictate how we use our faith (or language, for that matter) we’ve given up our true essence. After all, it’s no small matter when people live, die, and kill for their faith.

Imagine, if you will, that we’re far more subtle than our physical characteristics — including our cells and atoms — that we have a mind, emotions, spirit, consciousness. As the saying goes, ‘beauty is more than skin deep’, and I think it’s way more. Now, if we’re somehow more than just our body parts, if we’re spiritual beings and whatnot, then the energy of this spiritual self (in my unpaid opinion) is faith.

By saying we’re ‘more’, I’m also not saying we’re ‘less’, but that there’s more for us to be aware of in this big ol’ Universe. I don’t want to take anything away from the beautiful/gross/virtuous/vice-ful nature of our physicality. I yam what I yam.

My theme for today is taking a leap of faith, and as it happens, that’s what it feels like when I write.


image credit:
Sifaka Leaping via Wikimedia

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4 thoughts on “Faithfully Leaping”

  1. Really nice post, Sedone. It’s so true, that every time I write I’m taking a leap of faith. I double that faith when I submit a piece of my work to my writer’s critique group. There I have to have faith that I’ll be able to discern the good advice from the advice that won’t suit my style. BTW, I am a very self-introspective person, so I like your blog. I tend to think we are all works-in-progress, but some of us just don’t do the work and some do. 🙂 Thanks for coming to my blog and reading about faith there too. I appreciate you sharing your link.


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