What’s the Story


If you’re up for a thought experiment, and not just one that will tickle your fancy, but one that can actually have a dramatic effect on your life, then imagine that everything we experience is filtered through our minds, and our minds are constantly creating stories. Our minds are like story engines!

Stories are used for many purposes, but perhaps, at the heart of it, stories are a way for us to understand life. I believe everything is happening all at once; life, existence, the universe. There’s not a single moment that remains exactly the same. The universe doesn’t move in a straight line; it goes in every possible direction, at every possible potential.

It doesn’t seem like the human mind can grasp the totality and magnitude of the universe, so we create stories. What is his/herstory if not a re-telling of other people’s stories? More than anything, I think the stories we tell each other have an influence on who we become.

So what’s the story?


image credit:
Cave Painting via Wikimedia

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