Blogging from My iPhone

I’m doing something different today by writing this article with the WordPress app on my iPhone. It’s definitely an interesting experience, kind of like blogging from a derelict spaceship. Since I’m on the phone (which, incidentally, I don’t actually use as a phone), I figured I’d talk about some apps I use daily. Now, my iPhone is a first generation hand-me-down, and I can’t install most of the apps and upgrades, so I feel lucky that I was able to get some of these apps before they started phasing out my poor ol’ pocket supercomputer. Alright, one app I live by is Week Cal. The way I use this app deserves its own article, but I mainly use it to help with my mood. Speaking of mood, I also use Moodkit several times a day to track my mood levels. It’s also got some neat cognitive behavioral therapy tools built in. Finally, I love experimenting with different to-do apps, but right now I’ve settled on Priorities. There are some other apps I like to use, but those are the ones I use several times a day to be more productive and manage my mood. I’m not sure how many words I’ve written, but it was fun writing an article from my phone.



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4 thoughts on “Blogging from My iPhone”

  1. I write most of my blogs from my iPhone WordPress app. I like the truncated format. I’m going to check out your mood app. I just had this phone for a month and I’m looking to build my useful app library.


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