Keeping Up Appearances

George VI and Queen Elizabeth

It seems like we are, as a culture, keen on comparing ourselves to each other, although we’ve been told often enough by spiritual gurus to let it go.

Perhaps that’s what society’s all about, or perhaps we’re slow learners.

Maybe it’s natural to want to keep up appearances, even if it’s not necessarily necessary.

My appearance is kept up well enough in some ways, but in other ways, I’m more like an amoeba. I think it’s part of it, you know, to sometimes discombobulate, to show the world that you don’t always have it together, then to gather yourself back up, and keep going.

Maybe that’s what evolution is. Maybe that’s what change is all about. Maybe that’s progress.

Not everything needs to be hard. It’s OK to be soft, too.

J and I are in the middle of watching The King’s Speech, and so far it’s been a great movie. It shows me that while we can do our best at keeping up appearances, it’s the mush-gushy insides that connect us.


image credits:
George VI and Queen Elizabeth via Flickr

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