Daring to Dream

Moon and StarBefore I can talk about following our dreams, I need to talk about daring to dream, because there needs to be a willingness to dream in the first place, and just enough courage to take that leap of faith.

We don’t ask permission to have sleeping dreams, nor do we need permission to have waking dreams.

Dreams are true, not in the factual sense, but in the truest sense. Our day-dreams need to be uncensored and true to ourselves.

Is it possible for all of us to dare to dream, and to follow our dreams? What about conflicts of interest?

I believe that if people are true to themselves, dare to dream, and faithfully follow their dreams, we would naturally work in harmony with not only ourselves, but with life, love, God, and the universe.

That’s my dream.

* * *

My journey of self-improvement has changed over the years, from focusing on whether I’m being good/bad, to figuring out what’s right/wrong, to centering on what is wise/unwise.

In the end, for me, it’s all about getting better.


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