self-portrait of yours truly

I’m not sure how and by what magic, but in these 150ish word post-a-day articles I’m able to find my voice, I daresay, have a voice, and a semblance of a social life.

Grammar is used and abused. (Parentheticals) — hyphenations; and semi-colonics prance about like coked up runway models.

Maybe it’s the early morning fueled by coffee aka..liquid genius. Maybe I’m learning to put down the words I’m thinking (there are thoughts! in my head!), or rather, put down words without thinking.

Driving Me Nuts
With due diligence and a post a day, my thoughts serve a purpose beyond driving me nuts.

There’s excitement after I publish an article, followed by daze and confusion, ideas percolate like coffee, coffee gives birth to new ideas and frequent trips to the bathroom (where even more ideas are born), all hope is lost by mid-morning, only to be regained by the afternoon, faith becomes a lifeboat with a tiger in it, my sense of self simultaneously reveling and revulsing at its own existence, eventually I find myself being a Zen monk of dirty dishes (rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat), somehow able to make it another day, to another article, and another connection to the outside world.

Rinse and repeat.

Rinse and repeat.



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