You Can Choose To Be Happy

Mister BupA few years ago I worked through a great self-improvement book called You Can Choose to be Happy by Dr. Tom G. Stevens, which you can download for free at his site. As often happens with self-improvement, revisiting a book or topic is always a different experience, because by now we’ve (hopefully) learned from our mistakes, have (probably) made some new ones, and are generally at different places in our lives. So I find myself a changed man as I re-read the book.

On page 19 of the PDF of You Can Choose To Be Happy, it talks about choosing what your “ultimate concern” in life is going to be. The gist of my ultimate concern is essentially:

To challenge myself to adapt and grow so that I am living to my fullest potential.

The wording of my ultimate concern continues to evolve, but the important thing is that it resonates with me, and gets my inner-fire burning.

The book is full of great self-improvement ideas, which I’ll write about as I work through it again. Let me know if you come up with your own ultimate concern in life.

Till next time, let’s make today a better day (and choose to be happy)!


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Mister Bup the Turtle via Wikimedia

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