Supporting the Arts aka I Hate Oatmeal


There’s a strange thing that happens, which I’ve noticed in my not too few, yet not too many years on Earth, whereby a success in one area of my life is accompanied by an equally, almost excruciatingly, problematic/challenging/pain-in-the-bumbum kinda experience in another area of my life.

To wit, I’ve written every day since starting post-a-day this year, and I find myself on a creative high. In fact, I’m also working on getting my art site — — online.

Financially, however, it’s like I’m in a hot air balloon shaped like a giant turtle named Mister Bup, floating far, far away from cash flow. Perhaps this cyclone of highs and lows will transport me to a magical realm of little people who proclaim me as a great and powerful wizard, but until then, I’m going through another round of the empty stomach blues.

I know that J and I will somehow make it, because we’ve been through these clichéd starving artist moments before; moments in which we curse those buckled-shoe wearing Quakers for inventing oatmeal, because that’s all we have to eat.

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before in my life, and that’s take off my hat, and ask for your help. If you enjoy my work, your generous contribution of any amount will go towards feeding a hungry artist, and will help me keep writing and painting every day.

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