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This post may be a bit all over the place, because it’s 3am (which I think is the witching hour or something), and I haven’t had a lot to eat (as you can see from yesterday’s post), but I hope you bear with me.

As tough as it is right now, the adventurer in  me, or perhaps it’s the writer (or both) relishes the challenge. I believe great obstacles bring out the greatness in great people. Sometimes our greatness is hidden by a case of mistaken identity, like the eagle that thought it was a chicken, or the lion that thought it was a sheep.

Extreme situations can act as a crucible whereby bullshit is flung away from a person’s true self. I believe our true self is beautiful, vital, pure, and powerful. The worst situations can bring out the best in us.

A reader suggested I look into local charitable food pantries, which I did, and today I plan on going to a place that may have some food to give.

Maybe I’m delirious from lack of food and sleep, but I’m excited by this turn of events. One, it gives me something to write about, and two, I get to learn about charity, which I’ve given, but am now learning to receive.

For me, this whole experience, as well as all the other experiences that have led up to now, serves as a way of washing away false pride, inhibition, and fear. What’s left is someone who is stronger than I realized. That’s not to say I don’t need the support, contribution, and encouragement of fans and followers of my work.

I didn’t call this blog Getting Better, Man for nothing, and the truth is that I’m getting better all the time — on purpose, by choice, with courage — and with the help of people who believe in me.

With that said, if you’re able to give financially, and (ideally) also believe in the work I do (although at this point I’m open to empathy and/or sympathy), then I’d gratefully accept any donations.

Donate Button

In any case, if it’s within my power to create the kind of works I believe in, I will.



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