Showing Courage

Albrecht Durer lions

I show up to the blank page like a devotee, tracking footprint letters across pristine snow, each word an exhalation of pent up dreams, making my mark, making a mark, making.

I’m on a mission to express myself in a way that inspires people to be true to themselves. That means I must be true to myself.

There’s a power in me I didn’t know existed. My spirit is invincible, but my ego is fragile. Fragile things need to be respected for their fragility. I built an edifice for myself, of myself, perhaps thinking I could live by proxy.

The greatest hope and fear I have is to live my life being who I am. Most days, I’m mostly afraid, but even so, on most days, even a fearful person can show courage.


image credit:
Lions by Albrecht Durer via Wikimedia

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