Leading the Blind

Tibetexpedition, Erlegter SchneegeierYou know how I talked about The Mountain, and getting over it, along with other ways of circumventing and traversing the doggone thing — well, The Mountain is still there, and it looks like there’s a whole messing range of them, but as it happens, I’ve grown some wings.

In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield calls it Resistance. Whether it’s called Resistance or The Mountain, it’s basically the same thing; getting past gravity and inertia in order to create something. And you know it’s serious business when words are capitalized.

Sometimes I think about what I’m doing as a case of the blind leading the blind, but that’s OK, because I don’t think any one person(s) have all the answers. Some people seem to have an exorbitant amount of answers; maybe they do, or they’re putting on one helluva act.

I mostly have questions. I’m pretty sure I know I don’t have the answers, and that may be the only thing I know at my ripening age. Not knowing something scares me, but the quest to know something seems to be the point, so if you need a guide up The Mountain, think of me as your blind Sherpa.

~ GB,M

image credit:
Sherpa via Wikimedia

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