Trusting Your Self

fenced in sheep

I think if you take everything I’ve written and distill it down to its essence, what I’ve been talking about is self-trust. It doesn’t seem possible to have inner peace or contentment without being able to trust yourself.

Looking back, I can see the times I’d decided that I wasn’t going to trust myself. What took the place of who I truly am was a fabrication, a false-self. The ability to see the truth, have compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, and creativity, these are traits of my true-self.

Paradoxically, there’s nothing I can accomplish or achieve that will allow me to trust myself, but rather, I must be able to fail.

The freedom to fail enables true expression of who we are.

Living life while trying to be perfect isn’t living.

Our true-self isn’t worried about winning or failing.

Who we are isn’t bound by self-imposed limits.

There are the limits we place upon ourselves, and beyond that is life.


image credit:
Grazing sheep via Flickr

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